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and web pages in almost every directory?

* list(s) of ALL new codes, if possible:

Two Big Ones : igoogle.com vs. my.yahoo.com

spaces.com -- MS

... and AOL ?

BLOGS and web-architecture of anatoly.org

** my domains :

*** support.txt pages [ different in each directory! ]

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* 2007-2008


2009 -- stagematrix.com (google based)


webapps? this directory was ctreated namy years ago...

At the time when I learned HTML.

... two sub-directories, if they still do work --

* I * II [ deleted ] *

From web2


web2.0 -- 2007, summer

to be used for storage and testing of new widgets ...

2009 : [references] webook.com/project/Red-Terror -- how to work on trilogy [ A Chorus Line.ET, Diaspora.Ethio and Red Terror] my groups.google.com/group/playwright

... summary from film-north
and "sum" snippet from vtheatre.net?
* "my notes" - updatable: Well, I still do not know how to USE web!
* webmaster's blog -- something about the nature of web; there is a plenty of geeks to write about the technology...



picasso Since 2007 I am reworking my webpages: no, not the Web2.0, but "web-without-me"! Changes:

Not web-publishing, but web-writing... because web-readers are not readers as we know them. [filmplus.org/web]

Project UTOPIA -- now! filmplus.org/album?

... After 2009 images [right] DREAMS

2009 ANT